• Duane C. Barney

Why did they Hire You?

There are thousands of contractors out there and you were selected. Why you? What do they expect? Well, there is quality, reputation, security and schedule, but what does it mean.

REPUTATION: This reputation is the golden rule, operating with full integrity and providing the expected level of quality. Remember, the reputation is a corporate bond so everything you do effects and reflects on everyone else.

SECURITY: This is security as in trust; we can be expected to be honest in everything we do. Even if there is a mistake—it was an “Honest Mistake” and the client knows it will be corrected in a fair and reasonable manner, no questions asked. This issue is the core behind the generally poor reputation our industry holds. We are just above used car sales on the trust scale. We must rise so far above the level of expectation that it is abundantly clear we work at a higher level.

SCHEDULE: We show up to work every day. Sounds reasonable but for the bulk of the industry in rarely happens. Firms over promise and under perform this just irritates people. Good planning and scheduling prevents this from happening, but we must always be aware of how important it is.

This is a quick overview but the bottom line, no pun intended, is that our client is willing to pay a small premium for this level of service. The flip side is that when they do hire us they expert this service as a standard. For us, we are not going beyond the call but just doing what is required to provide the service expected. Keep this in mind, the client could hire anyone they choose, and they did not hire us because we were the cheapest they hired us because we provide the best service. SERVICE is the key, it is all about service.

Management tip:

Working with (insert you company name) is an experience for our clients and architects that we want them to fondly remember. To do this, try and make every contact with the team a memorable one for them. Give them a take away in some form that they say, “wow it is good to be working with ________”. It can be as simple as remembering to bring coffee or managing a complex situation as if it was well under control and left everyone with peace of mind.

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