• Duane C. Barney

What will this cost

I just want to know what this will cost me to build. It is a question every homeowner wants answered, so they call a contractor and guess what, unless you have a full set or drawings and specifications the contractor has no idea either. Say what??? Nope, if you have not told them what to price, they must guess, and their guess will be wrong, they have no idea what tile you are going to select.

Keep in mind, every project is custom, one of a kind, never been build before. Your builder may have built hundreds of homes but not on this piece of land, this plan, with your selections. That is what makes it yours and unique to you which is what makes it great and the reason you are doing it.

Well what will it cost per foot? A builder can only accurately price what they can see, or they may know that in this area, based on the sales price, homes are built for about____. This is worth to you virtually nothing. Personally, my construction costs can run from $100/SF to $1,000/SF and it has nothing to do with me. This is the design and finishes desired by the owner, so it was priced accordingly. The cost is what the cost is, if it is too high a then make different selections. The cost of the project is up to you not your builder. This is your home, you make the decisions, so the choice is yours. People will say, “don’t hire him he is expensive, so and so, just built a house and it cost them XX/SF”. Well he is the guy you probably want to hire, if you can get on his schedule, he is working with demanding clients with expensive taste and he gets the job done. You can select lesser expensive items for your home, but you will still get the quality and management skill he brings to “so and so”

With that now understood maybe management, integrity and quality should be the deciding factors in your selection. There is no pricing magic, and if price your deciding factor, good luck. You know the saying, you get what you pay for.

A builder may be a great carpenter, but a great carpenter does not make a great builder. A great builder hires and manages great teams of subcontractor’s carpenters included.

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