• Duane C. Barney

It Really all comes down to LOGISTICS

Logistics defines everything you do, more specifically your success or failure, timing the finish of the burgers with the cooking of the corn is only successful if you are not willing to serve raw burgers, it comes down to planning and execution – Logistics!

Think about your business, logistics is what can make or break you financially; the planning and execution of every aspect of your business is really what you do every day. No matter what business you are in, that is business, and that is what sets you apart from your competition. Why should I hire you as a builder, cake decorator, lawn service, etc. ultimately it comes down to service and service is planning and execution? There are plenty of similar businesses to choose from so why choose you or even why hire you if you are an employee. Everyone ultimately wants the job to get done and with as little pain as possible, the price will play its part but planning and execution are more important than saving a few dollars.

So, if logistics are that important, how much time do you, as the business owner, spend reviewing the logistics of how your business is run? You should think through every step of every role from how the phone is answered to the post-project thank you card. This exercise will serve many purposes, think of it as your business plan without numbers, how is your business going to be run, what makes it unique?

Ever wondered why a new employee did something completely wrong and you were compelled to throw up your hands and “just do it yourself”. Instead sit back and ask, how do I fix this so it never happens again?

1. Is the role clear to the employee?

2. Have you provided them with training and the opportunity to clearly understand the role?

3. Have the interdepartmental responsibilities been explained?

4. Are the logistics between departments concise so practices are not confusing?

The employee’s success is your key to success and providing with the tools for success is your responsibility. Sending someone out to “go dig that ditch” without an explanation as to location, length, depth or even a shovel, should not leave you surprised as to the result. Yet, how many times are you frustrated that nothing is done the way you want it. Maybe the problem is you and not the effort of the employee.

Logistics is how you want your business run it's what sets you apart; good or bad

The other logistical goal is interdepartmental, is your sales team selling what your marketing team is presenting and is estimating and production in the loop an on the same page? If you are selling, quality, price or service the entire organization needs to be aware and the answer needs to come from you. Big box stores sell volume, so the price is the focus, not the same role with an interior designer or custom furniture builder. Know what you are selling.

From there look at every step of the process, now each department knows what their role is but do they all interact well, does and invoice take five trips around the company before it can be paid, what does that cost in time and money. Looking for cost reduction look at logistics, simple streamlining can save a lot of money over time.

Logistics is how you want your business to run it's what sets you apart, good or bad, if you don’t set the standard of expectations then you will have no standards at all; and if they are not clearly explained, in writing, then the only one who will know what is expected is you. A system doomed to failure and frustration. What is the customer experience from the first moment, what role does your team play to make sure the experience you are selling is being received? Each of these steps is logistics, think them through, write them down and share the plan with the team.

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