• Duane C. Barney

Is your construction project on time and Budget?

The short answer is yes, you set the budget and time is a function of money. You had a budget in mind agreed on a price with your contractor, that is the last time the contractor has anything to say about the cost.

You are making the decisions, unforeseen conditions, selections, redesign; these are all beyond the control of the contractor. Outside forces are driving the cost. They cost more money, of course they do but a cost was submitted and approved by you. If you

don’t want to spend the money, then don’t, it is your house, your money and you are in charge. You have the right and responsibility to see the detailed cost for every change and review it for approval. If you do not understand the cost then ask someone who does, Your architect or Owners representative. They are there to assist so utilize them.

When it come to time, every change has a time impact the more changes the longer the work will take. Even deletions can increase the time just to regroup, reschedule and implement. Not to mention the time it takes to price out and process the change. For most contractors the three biggest schedule impacts are changes, weather and poor planning. The schedule is where time is really money, as in any business the contractor would rather earn his fee in half the time and utilize the available resources to do it again, so a project delay is in no interest to the contractor. The first two schedule killers are out of the contractors control. The third is a function of their business skill. If they are good managers, materials and vendors will be secured on time and available as the work becomes available, moving it what appears to be an effortless flow. As well know this “effortless flow” is a result of good management and planning.

On your next project:

1. Hire an architect who can produce a detailed scope of work in the set of construct documents

2. Hire a Contractor whom is a great manager of construction

3. Review each change for accuracy and appropriateness

4. Seek out assistance either before or during the process with any aspect you are not clear about.

Your job is to manage the project, if you do not have the time or experience hire someone who does or accept the consequences.

More than anything else, I believe it’s our decisions, not the conditions of our lives that determines our destiny – Tony Robbins

Make good, informed decisions.

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