• Duane C. Barney

Are you having fun?

Having fun at work is not about goofing off but enjoying what you do and, wow should we all be having fun. Construction is a tough business with thousands of variables (that all seem to show up on the same day) but the challenge of managing these continuously moving targets is part of the fun. The other part is what we get to create.

Clients have spent years thinking and dreaming how they want it to look and how nice it will be once it is complete. They have laid it out in their minds, picked colors, reviewed magazines, discussed it with their friend and fallen in love with the vision.

Architects, designers and numerous consultants have worked an enormous number of hours to formalize the vision and get it down on paper. The have laid out cabinets, windows, furniture, and a thousand other pieces to attempt to make the clients vision fit and work together.

Behind all of this is the myriad of suppliers and products with new ideas to make all of this a unique and exciting experience.

BUT…….. We get to build it!

We take the vision, the layout, the parts, the craftsmen and put them all together to produce the dream. What other job is more rewarding than building someone's dream. On top of that, at Brenner Builders we get to work with the best architects and designers. We use the best materials we can find, and we assemble it to the highest of quality standards. There are a lot of builders out there but we have the privilege of building the best with the best.

So next time the variables get you down, remember that your expertise in anticipating, controlling, and managing these variables is what makes you the best and allows you to build dreams.

Management tip:

Always try and keep the client excited about the end result. There are a lot of bumps in the road that they don’t expect, understand or anticipate. Make sure they know you have everything under control and their dream will soon be reality.

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