• Duane C. Barney

Are you asking the right questions for success?

The path to your dream home flows through the scope of work and the team that prepares and executes it.

Successful people ask better questions – Tony Robbins, that could be rephrased to, “Success comes from asking the right questions”. As you embark on you dream home project, you will be asked a lot of questions as your team will be looking for answers to achieve success in the project. However, the first set of questions needs to be asked by you as you build the team that will ultimately build your dream.

At a minimum you will need two, maybe three, members who will be key players in the process, your management team, the architect and the GC; the third is an “Owner’s Representative” who knows the process and can act on your behalf, your construction COO. Your architect will be responsible for design, your GC for the construction. Each one has their responsibilities and own interests but as the owner you may want to consider a consultant who knows the process and is looking out for you. It can be difficult to answer when you do not understand the question, an owners rep can help you with that, they speak construction. This is all new to you and more complicated that it looks on TV, but it should be fun, and the right team can make it so.

You can start with an Architect or GC but ultimately design proceeds construction, the scope of work needs to be developed. This scope will be the basis for everything needed for construction; pricing, contracts, building and changes. Yes, there will be changes, no scope is 100% complete or every detail thought out. Additionally, during the course of construction new ideas will come to light as you get deeper into selections, Plan on changes but don’t blame your management team, they are not mind readers, they would like nothing better than to have every answer in place, build it and move on; but that is not reality which is why selecting the right team to work with is the critical first step and selecting that team will be about the interview process, asking the right questions to determine if this company is the right fit for you and your team. You need to ask the right questions of them to determine if they will ask the right questions of you. If they don’t ask you the right questions the scope of work will never achieve the desired outcome.

How do you do this? Since you most likely have never done this before, your interview will need some fine tuning. I recommend reading Architecture to Construction by Paul D. Rugarber for great insight on how to start and what to expect, see link below. If the process is overwhelming or you just need some help along the way a construction consultant like DCBuilds can provide that for you. Experience does matter, most of us in the industry do this because we love building things, but you need to find the team that is the best fir for you. Each project is one of a kind, custom built for you, so your team must be custom built for you as well.

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