• Duane C. Barney

A General Contractor can't display their work with a photo

Photo’s they are everywhere, selfies, twitter, Facebook, now you need video too; but what do those great shots tell you about the General contractor? That great Kitchen, swimming pool, wine cellar; they say, the GC was working with a great architect, interior designer, decorator, photographer, client with great taste or all the above. It says nothing about how the project was managed, materials ordered, subcontractors scheduled or execution to the intent of the contract.

The General Contractor is hired to:

1. Evaluate and price the Scope of the work

2. Prepare a schedule to execute the work

3. Scope and prepare subcontracts for individual portions of the scope

4. Order the specified materials to meet the specifications and schedule

5. Schedule the subcontractors to efficiently execute the work

6. Review and implement changes to the work

7. Prepare billing to the client and insure subcontractors get paid.

8. Provide quality control that the work is being installed correctly

9. Coordinate with multiple consultants and Building department for inspection of the work

10. Schedule meeting and prepare minutes to document and drive progress

They are not responsible for:

1. Design

2. Material selection

3. Color selection

4. Or even the building code.

The General Contractor is responsible for the means and methods to best construct the project within the specified scope of work in accordance with the plans, specifications and contract. How do you take a picture of that? If you are basing your GC hire on his great photo’s you are missing the point. Pictures of the GC’s work is an office filled, with plans, shop drawings, schedules, samples and invoices. It is not a pretty picture….. So, ask the right questions before you hire, you are looking for a great manager, one who can manage an every changing environment subject to the weather working with a wide assortment of subcontractor and suppliers each with their own deadlines. This all done with grace and ease, so the client remains calm and reasonable in a world of swirling chaos and if they have done their job, the entire project will remain exciting and enjoyable.

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