You are busy and Construction is all about management and processes. An efficient and dedicated building professional must schedule subcontractors, as well as manage finances, vendors, and expectations. Each project is one-of-a-kind, with one opportunity to get everything right. A well-run construction site is like a well-oiled machine, with all parts moving as one, towards the same goal.


At DCBuilds, whether it’s the construction or renovation of Condominiums, Residential Homes, or Estate Properties, we dedicate ourselves to the execution of the construction process, ensuring that a skilled team of professionals is working in unison to achieve the actualization of your dream project. 

Experience (is) the Difference



Collaborative ConstructionTM

From smaller repairs and home renovations to large, complex residential or commercial projects with lots of elements and moving parts, DCBuilds has the experience and expertise to build anything you can dream.

Effective and efficient project management is what keeps a construction project from going over time and over budget.  Let DCBuilds manage your construction project and ensure that from start to finish, your project goes exactly as planned.

DCBuilds has years of experience and expertise in the construction and project management arena. For clients with High-End, Large or complicated projects, we offer comprehensive Consulting services.



From simple repairs and renovations to full project management and consulting, DCBuilds can cater to any construction need big or small.



DCBuilds has worked on a wide range of projects. To see some examples of our past work, visit our Projects page.



We have enjoyed being able to help our clients build their dreams. To read reviews from past clients, visit our Houzz page.



DCBuilds is owned, managed and operated by Duane Barney in Ridgefield Connecticut. With over 30 years experience in the construction industry, Duane has done it all from handyman services to contracting, to project management and consulting. With Duane and his team at DCBuilds, they have the knowledge and the expertise to bring any building project to life.


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